Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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28 Fundamentals: The day I attended an exorcism—my own!

The Seventh-day Adventist Church's newest Fundamental Belief was introduced in response to concerns from Adventists in developing nations who requested a statement on spiritual warfare. Yet perhaps it is those in the West who are most in need of guidance in this area. (Fundamental Belief #11)

Mastering the art of love

Hey you, “Lovey, dovey, kissy kissy kiss kiss” thinking of tying the knot. This article is for you . . . as well as all the other lovers out there.

Wilson says Satan trying to destroy Church

Seventh-day Adventist world Church president, Dr Ted Wilson, said Satan was using every means at his disposal to try to destroy the Adventist Church and neutralise its mission of proclaiming Jesus’ soon coming.

One step at a time

My wife thinks I’m crazy. Back and forth, round and round I pace around the dining table. Every so often I stop and hop up and down or jog on the spot.

Love more: The story of Linden and Bri

It's a love story for the ages—a romance between a blue-collar bloke and an American beauty. When Linden popped the question and Bri said yes, everything seemed perfect. Hopes were high. Then the unthinkable happened.


Did you know that four religions revere John the Baptist as a prophet?

Animals and angels

Have you ever heard a pastor say, “after you are baptised the devil will try to attack you even harder”?
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