Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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The pregnancy diaries: Fear

Meet Fear, the constant companion of every expecting mother.

Live more: Happy!

How looking after your Limbo can give you an emotional brain boost.


This story is not true. But it is accurate. It was pretty harrowing at the time. But I lived to tell the tale. And that has to be the happy ending, doesn’t it?

Declaration of dependence

I was standing at Gate 24 at Melbourne Airport waiting to board my flight to Newcastle. Then I got a phone call—the kind of call that turns your world upside down.

My deepest fear

What are you afraid of—snakes, spiders, heights? Is there something that really gets your skin crawling or your knees knocking?

Anyone but him, please God!

His every breath was a rasping struggle. He sucked air into a chest that heaved and swelled like an ancient tide on a decimated beach. He was dying. The only spark left was in his sunken grey eyes.

Playing hide-and-seek with God

Julius Pollux, Second century linguist, called it apodidraskinda; modern Greece named it Kryfto; Israel called it machboim; and we call it hide-and-seek. It’s a loved game throughout the world.

Cheesecake gospel

When Jesus said we should love our neighbours, we made it suitably general—our friends, our enemies, the stranger, the other—be nice. But what about our actual neighbours?

Face your Jerusalem

Fear is one of the strongest human emotions.
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