Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Tags Domestic violence

Tag: domestic violence

WATCH: ADRA fights family violence in Romania

It’s an innovative and positive way to confront the painful issue of domestic violence towards women—and it’s being appreciated by the people of Romania.

Domestic violence law changes in PNG

The Papua New Guinea Government has passed a bill aimed at reducing the high rates of violence against women in the country.

ADRA encourages open communication in Samoa

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Samoa has launched a new project to counter various social problems in the South Pacific Island nation.

Angry words

Jesus makes it quite clear that verbal abuse is not acceptable amongst His disciples. In the Sermon on the Mount He gives us precepts to follow, one of which is to speak with respect to one another.

We must listen

Trafford Fischer highlights the issue of domestic violence in our churches, providing some practical tips on how to help those who are experiencing it.

But for God’s grace

I could feel the anger welling up inside. Every pointed barb my little brother shot hit. Like a wounded bear, caged and cornered, he would poke me and provoke me until I would attack. Bigger and stronger than him, I wanted him to stop.

One million men: one million promises

More than one-third of all women worldwide—35.6 per cent—will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, usually from a male partner. It is time men stood up!

Be the end

She’s a global celebrity; a best-selling author. She’s fabulously wealthy; and wonderfully glamorous. If a woman as rich and powerful, as glamorous and famous, as Nigella Lawson can be physically mistreated in public by her husband, can any woman be safe?

Practical resources developed for the Pacific

A number of South Pacific Division departments have worked together to create practical resources that will help to educate church leaders and members, and combat social problems across the South Pacific.
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