Monday, March 1, 2021
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Tag: David Edgren

New family story brings resurrection power to life

Just Believe retells the gospel account of Jesus raising the daughter of Jairus, but from the perspective of the girl herself.

David Edgren talks travel, telling stories and changing the world

"We can't all go to every hurting place on the planet. But we can care enough to listen to the stories of those who have."

Book Review: One Trip to Kenya

"One Trip to Kenya is a poignant reminder of the preeminence of compassion and love in action and the difference we can each make in the world, even if only in the life of one other person."

My first day at Northpoint church

Who knew a first day at a new workplace could be so inspiring?

My ministry idea—Jason Cook

I grew up in northwest Tasmania, taking an active role in music at church.

New book retells “old, old story”

A story first told as a student’s sermon at Avondale College church 14 years ago has now become a new book for children and families from Signs Publishing Company.

28 Stories: Discovering Adventist beliefs

A new book "28 Stories" was launched at the “Move With The Power 3” youth leadership summit in Brisbane. It's written as a resource for exploring, experiencing and personalising Adventist beliefs.
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