Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Tag: Commitment

The value of youth

The old dream, but the young vision. Dr Brad Kemp discusses what it's like to do ministry with young people.

‘We exist to win premierships’

Timothy Pinzone explains why we—as Christians—need to be obsessed with winning.

Golden anniversary for Trinity Gardens church

Trinity Gardens Seventh-day Adventist church celebrated 50 years, remembering the church founders and honouring their hard work.

Discipleshift in NZPUC

It all starts with discipleship.

In the shadow of the back door

This is a true story of struggle with faith, belonging and church, told from the heart.


Here's something to wrap your head around: the greatest leader in history was . . . a carpenter. If there was one person who, by any normal reckoning, should not have been a leader, it was Jesus.


Faithfulness is a quality that is all too rare in this material age.

Three years of forever

Jarrod Stackelroth reflects on three happy—and hard—years of marriage.


There is nothing ordinary about a Christian life well lived—no matter where it occurs.

Salty salt

Salt without flavour; what a concept!
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