Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Calling all doubters

At just 12 years of age, Jessica Krause was ready to walk away from her faith. When she told her dad (a pastor) about her impending decision, he had but two words to say: "That's great!"

Avondale student leaders commissioned

Biblical symbols of servant leadership and faith expression modelled by Jesus Christ have featured at a reimagined opening of the academic year at Avondale.

Therefore . . .

The other day I was once again reading the gospel commission in Matthew 28. As I have so many times, I was contemplating Jesus’ directive to His disciples to go and make disciples among all the peoples of the earth.

Congress culminates in commissioning

Young people from across the South Pacific have been commissioned to share their faith and change their world on the final night of the six-day youth congress on January 5.
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