Monday, January 25, 2021
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Tag: Catholic church

A critical spirit

Are we a people of peace or a pack of finger-pointers?

Is the Trinity pagan?

Unpacking two main arguments against the trinitarian view of the Godhead.


From which group did Seventh-day Adventists inherit their spiritual DNA? The answer might surprise you.

My story—Parsli

My name is Parsli. I work as a Volunteers In Action (VIA) pioneer missionary on Shortland Island in the far north of Solomon Islands.


October 31 is a very special date. It's the anniversary of the way we think, the way we pray, and the way we understand what Christ has done for us.

Three little tweaks

I resonate deeply with Protestantism, especially as set out in Ellen White’s, 'The Great Controversy'. But because of the Protestant history we’ve inherited, there are some things we can improve.

Praise from a priest

Valasi Adventist Primary School, on the remote island of Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands), is the only Adventist primary school serving Catholic communities in this mountainous region.

The Pope does it again … or does he?

This week, just about every major news outlet has featured headlines along the lines of “Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real”. Don't get caught up with the hype. There is much more to the story that these catchy headlines imply.

World’s most hated Christian

Fred Phelps, arguably the most hated Christian in the United States, died on March 19.


Is there a way to harmonise theistic evolution and the biblical narrative?
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