Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Tag: cancer

Adventist doctor pioneers possible cancer cure

Dr Ken Micklethwaite and his team from Westmead Institute have been working with modified immune cells, called CAR T cells, which could help cure blood cancer.

Christmas in a broken world

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." Then again, sometimes it's not. Tracey Bridcutt found this out the hard way 10 years ago.

800 hit the streets for San Run for Life

Federal and state parliamentarians were among the 800 participants in this year's Sydney Adventist Hospital fun run on Sunday morning.

Inspired by cancer to connect

Jo Marx has organised a free public forum at Sydney Adventist Hospital on Sunday to connect cancer patients, their family and friends to cancer services.

My Story: An unexpected answer

When Roy Olsen prayed that his son, Graham, would rekindle his relationship with Jesus, he could never have imagined the series of events that would follow.

Wholegrains and cancer risk

Wholy-moly! New research has discovered even more reasons to love wholegrains.

Prayers for Doc Wright as he faces operation

Adventist media personality Dr James Wright, 89—well-known for his health talks on Australian TV and radio as well as his articles and books—underwent an operation for bowel cancer at the Sydney Adventist Hospital today.

Run inspired by cancer battle

Cancer survivor Victoria Browne is putting a tough year behind her to focus on training for this year’s Sydney Adventist Hospital fun run on Sunday, November 13.

Celebrations for World Physiotherapy Day

Today is World Physiotherapy Day (September 8) and among those celebrating are breast cancer survivors who attend physiotherapy classes at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Hope, peace & prayer: A story of redemption

Jayne needed a friend to help her on her newfound spiritual journey. That's when a phone call came through from none other than her ex-husband's wife, Liz. God has a wonderful way of working things out.
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