Monday, February 24, 2020
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Adventist bookstores to join forces

Better Books and Food from the North New South Wales Conference and the Adventist Book Centres from the Greater Sydney Conference have joined forces to create a single online sale site.

Samoa marks 100 years of literature evangelism

“The history and growth of the Samoan work is closely linked with literature evangelism and publishing."

Helping the blind and deaf

Lee Dunstan stumbled through the pitch blackness, eventually falling flat on his face. The experience left him in a lot of pain and with a very important lesson.

Dr Carson inspires New Zealand communities

More than 2500 people filled Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau City on July 1 for an evening with Dr Ben Carson.

Fiction addiction

Being addicted to reading books—specifically novels—does not carry the same stigma associated with being addicted to alcohol or drugs. Yet in its own way, "fiction addiction" is just as insidious.

Oh yeah!

Flying to Lord Howe seems very much like flying anywhere else, until you realise everyone on the flight knows each other. Well, everyone except you.

2500 books and magazines distributed

Literature Evangelism team leaders from Australia and New Zealand, along with members of the Penrith Adventist church, handed out more than 2500 free books and magazines to homes in Penrith and other areas of northwest Sydney recently.

Meeting the author

Do I know God’s Word personally, or merely enough to give other people the impression I do?

Adventist health books in Fiji clinics

Fiji’s Ministry of Health is working with the Seventh-day Adventist Church to improve the health of Fijians. The agreement will see Adventist health books placed in every government hospital and clinic around the country.
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