Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Tag: Barry Oliver

Researchers remind us of past so we can shape future

Avondale authors share research for Adventist heritage celebration.

Healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse

A compulsory journey of reconciliation.

Unity 2017: what you need to know

Representatives from Australia and New Zealand attended and presented at the Unity 2017 conference in London.

Discipleship: cutting through the buzz

Adventist Record's Kent Kingston sat down with Dr Leigh Rice, who leads discipleship ministries at the South Pacific Division, to find out what discipleship really means and how you can get involved.


James Standish, now the former editor of Adventist Record, pens his final editorial to the Church he has served faithfully for the past five-plus years.

Adventist encyclopedia going digital

Spies are in. Subcultures are out. And cosmetics and dance belong together in a single article titled “Lifestyle.”

Why study ministry and theology?

There are those who don’t think an Avondale theology degree is worth the paper it's printed on. Others go so far as to say studying theology at Avondale actually inhibits rather than enhances ministry. Are they right?

On reflection

Dr Barry Oliver, newly retired from his role as president of the South Pacific Division, shares his hopes and dreams for our Church family going forward.


So, Barry Oliver has retired. He’s gone. Done. Dusted. He’s walked out of the corner office and he ain’t coming back. There’s nothing he can do to me now! So it has come time to level with you about what I really think about Barry.

Glenn Townend elected SPD president

Pastor Glenn Townend has been elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's South Pacific Division (SPD).
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