Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Tags Barry Gane

Tag: Barry Gane

Doctor doctor now a pastor

Seminarian’s commissioning a celebration and affirmation of women in ministry.

Why study ministry and theology?

There are those who don’t think an Avondale theology degree is worth the paper it's printed on. Others go so far as to say studying theology at Avondale actually inhibits rather than enhances ministry. Are they right?

We can do better for our kids

Do you dream of achieving more for our present generation of children and teens? We can. But in order to do things better we must do them differently. How? Read on . . .

Smells like teen spirit(uality)

Are young people more or less spiritual than past generations? And what's the key to keeping them in church?

Students need your support

Seventh-day Adventist students have positive perceptions of how home, church and school influences their faith development, according to Valuegenesis II, a longitudinal study of young adults by the Church in the South Pacific.
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