Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Tag: Anger

Managing anger in the midst of COVID-19

"In your anger—[and self-isolation]—do not sin.”

Healing the scars of war

Never underestimate the power of reconciliation. It stops conflicts, heals hearts and changes lives.

Does Jesus play favourites?

In his gospel, John identified himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved". Was the title a fitting accolade or just outright arrogance?

My story—Stephannie Elodo

What do you do when God asks you to tell people in authority over you that they are doing something wrong? That was my challenge and this is my story.

God’s timing

Prison is a place where time moves fairly slowly—particularly if you are innocent, truly innocent, with no date of release.

Anger is the answer

Anger is not a sin. And that’s good news. Because right now, I’m spitting chips. And you should be too.


If you saw him on the train, he might be the type you’d avoid. But if you took that chance, if you sat in that empty seat next to him, you would hear an amazing story.

Angry words

Jesus makes it quite clear that verbal abuse is not acceptable amongst His disciples. In the Sermon on the Mount He gives us precepts to follow, one of which is to speak with respect to one another.

But for God’s grace

I could feel the anger welling up inside. Every pointed barb my little brother shot hit. Like a wounded bear, caged and cornered, he would poke me and provoke me until I would attack. Bigger and stronger than him, I wanted him to stop.

Thieves and rust

I was angry. I felt violated, anxious, vexed, vengeful, helpless and disbelieving all at the same time. We had been robbed.
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