Friday, February 28, 2020
Tags Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide

Tag: Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide

Blind served through new collaboration

Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired has entered a partnership that will provide new audio book titles and Braille resources to its members.

To the ends of the earth: Sabbath School Podcast’s global impact

For Dr Percy Harrold, what began as "an unplanned foray into the world of audio production" has since become a far-reaching ministry to thousands around the world.

Oneness in Christ: Avondale academic guides thinking about worldwide Church unity

Dr Wendy Jackson not only wrote helps for teachers of the Church’s Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide but also scripts for a complimentary video series.

Short letters get worldwide study

An Avondale academic’s research for a worldwide study of two Bible books is currently being used by Adventist Church members around the world.
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