Clinging to these promises in 2023

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Have you ever received a love letter? Or perhaps a little note of encouragement and affirmation from a friend or relative which has lifted your spirits and filled you with joy? That feeling when you read those words intended for you is unlike any other—your heart becomes warm and light, your worries dissipate, and your perspective is brightened because of the promises and encouragements found in those words.

Bible verses are like God’s love letters to us. They contain beautiful promises and words of encouragement and affection which fill our lives with joy and peace. Some verses hold greater meaning and significance to one person than to another because of how that verse relates to their personal experiences. 

All of us have favourite Bible verses; special promises of God that we cling to which lift us up and give us hope. So, throughout 2023, what promises did we cling to throughout the year? 

YouVersion Bible App recorded the most popular Bible verses for 2023 per country (for most countries), releasing the following insights about countries in the South Pacific:

What Bible verse did you hold dear throughout 2023? 

Olivia Fairfax is an editorial assistant at Adventist Record.

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