Signs Publishing thanks their long-serving Fijian missionaries

Bai Sirilo and his wife Losena [Credit: Kalan Howse].

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Long-serving pressman Bai Sirilo celebrated his retirement at Signs Publishing Company on November 23, after 42 years working at Signs and a total of 46 years of service to the Adventist Church’s publishing work. Current and former colleagues shared memories and paid tribute to Mr Sirilo’s commitment, character, and many contributions to Signs and the Warburton church and community. Mr Sirilo’s wife, Losena, also worked at Signs for many years—originally as a type-setter—as well as the South Pacific Division’s Publishing department, while it was based in Warburton.

Until 1981, the Adventist Church operated Trans-Pacific Publishers, a printing and publishing house based in Suva, Fiji. But when the decision was made to consolidate this work at Signs Publishing, a press was relocated to Warburton and some staff members were offered positions at Signs. At the time, the Sirilos were described as the first missionaries sent by the church from Fiji to Australia.

While he acknowledged some difficult times leaving their home and adjusting to life in Warburton, Mr Sirilo acknowledged God’s leading in their lives. Speaking in the context of the recent 125th anniversary of Adventist Record, Mr Sirilo reflected on the many changes he had seen in printing Record over four decades. 

Signs Publishing’s general manager, Andrew Irvine paid tribute to Mr Sirilo’s willingness to serve and help out where needed. “Bai is a demonstration of how we can serve in whatever we do,” he commented. “We are grateful for Bai and his many years of faithfulness. He will be missed at Signs, even as he and Losena continue to be part of our community.”

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