Border Bicycle Ministry team share the message of Jesus in remote villages

On day eight, getting ready to cross the border into Indonesia.

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A group of Adventist cyclists recently completed a two-week ride through southern Papua New Guinea (PNG) and into Indonesia.

The Border Bicycle Ministry team comprised seven staff from Pacific Adventist University, one from the Central Papua Conference and two of their sons. Their ride began in Daru and took them through various villages where they were warmly welcomed by the locals who expressed their hospitality through traditional singing and dancing. At each village, the team took the opportunity to pause and share the message of Jesus with the villagers.

The cyclists were warmly welcomed as they visited villages along the way.

A 19-minute video documenting the journey captures significant moments, including the crossing of the Morehead River, an escort by the PNG military, meeting the border immigration chief and a visit to the Adventist church in Sota, Indonesia.

The video also features a brief interview with the PNG Defence Force commander, who shared, “As servicemen, we have sworn an oath. That oath is to serve God and serve the people of this nation. I feel obligated to help [the] church because I see that [in] this area . . . [the people] need spiritual guidance and spiritual wellbeing. I want to change their mindset and their perspective on thinking about life.”

South West Papua Mission president Pastor Martin Sungu is also featured in the video, extending a warm welcome to the cyclists before they crossed the border.

“This is an exciting moment to see the pre-evangelism started in preparation for the PNG for Christ,” he said.

To watch the video click here.

Visiting the Adventist church in Sota, Indonesia.
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