Welcome to Hamburger Hill

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Even in the sun, wind, rain or heat, or storm, Midland Meals, or “Hamburger Hill” as the locals refer to it, is out in the streets serving food to those who need it most across three sites: Midland, Ellenbrook and Bassendean. 

Midland Meals is a community initiative which has been up and running since July 2020 in the Midland region of Western Australia. This ministry was developed in response to the widespread difficulties and hardships faced by many in the community due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and job-cuts. With the help of volunteers, Midland Meals began serving food to financially (or otherwise) challenged individuals in two locations, Midland and Ellenbrook. This has since been expanded to three locations, adding Bassendean to their outreach. 

Just as everyone is welcome at the King’s table, everyone is welcome at the Midland Meals table: homeless individuals living on the streets, families with small children who are struggling to make ends meet, teens who don’t have a permanent place to sleep, or the average businessman who is hungry after a long day’s work. 

Midland Meals prides themselves in being approachable and non-judgemental, seeking only to be a blessing to the community in everything they do. Everyone is welcome to receive food and support from the volunteers at Midland Meals.

God always has a way of providing when we are in need. Recently, chief dreamer and architect of Midland Meals—Pastor Loren Pratt—and his team had a delivery of meat that needed to go in the freezers to be used to feed people throughout the week. They stood in the carpark, not knowing where the food was going to go because all the freezers were already full to the brim. 

Meanwhile, the head cook for their Monday team was driving past and felt impressed to pop into Swan Valley church a day early to collect the fruit, vegies, and meat she needed to cook for the week. This was an answer to prayer that Loren and the team didn’t know they needed and when they repacked the freezers with all the food, the last packet of meat slid into the top of the freezers perfectly, like a glove. As they shut the freezer doors for the afternoon, they thanked God for providing such a small thing when they least expected it. 

Midland Meals has been a great source of blessing to many in the community, offering food, support, comfort and friendship. And it is inspiring to know that God is blessing those involved at Midland Meals through answered prayers as they serve to bless others.

If you want to get involved or learn more about this ministry, find “Midland Meals“ on Facebook.

Olivia Fairfax is an editorial assistant at Adventist Record.

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