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Aleesha Dean, Bradley Martin and Pastor Robbie Berghan in the studio.

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What could be better than sitting around a table, chatting about life with your friends? There’s just something about a good conversation that we’re all drawn to, and that’s just what Faith FM’s new show, aptly named “Conversations”, aims to do.

Premiering earlier this year, Conversations deals with topics from faith and life to everything in between and is hosted by Faith FM producers Bradley Martin and Aleesha Dean, and content and promotions manager Pastor Robbie Berghan.

But there are a few things that set Conversations apart from Faith FM’s usual shows.

In a first for Faith FM, Conversations is live on-air while also simultaneously live-streamed on social media. This combination of audio and visual means that listeners can also tune into Faith FM’s social media channels (Facebook and YouTube) to watch Mr Martin, Ms Dean and Pastor Berghan in real time.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to achieve our mission of connecting Australia with the life-changing gospel, and tapping into a visual audience with topics that matter was the next logical step,” said Pastor Berghan.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of a show that is exploring new frontiers for sharing Jesus with a digital audience, while still impacting our regular FM audience,” said Mr Martin.

Conversations also aims to attract a new demographic, primarily under 30s, through topics that are more relevant to a younger audience. Positive feedback from this group is already beginning to come through, according to Faith FM listener engagement co-ordinator Luba Calculli, who takes listener calls and found herself speaking to a group of students one afternoon.

“The students (from the University of Melbourne’s Trinity College) were driving into the country and had come across Conversations on Faith FM,” said Ms Calculli. “They decided to call our main phone line to connect with the show, but as the hosts don’t take live calls on-air, they got me instead! The students had a great time listening to the show and wanted to pass their greetings to the hosts.”

“Conversations is rewarding because we can receive real time listener engagement,” said Ms Dean. “I love how it actually shapes the direction of each episode.”

Conversations is live from Faith FMs Melbourne studio every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00-3:30pm. You can listen via the Faith FM app, at, or via the following social media channels: Facebook: and YouTube:

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