Adventist Heritage celebrated with events throughout October

Adventist Heritage Month will feature several events and a special daily devotional.

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This year, the South Pacific Division (SPD) is celebrating Adventist Heritage Month in October by holding a number of events and compiling a daily devotional. Church members can take part in these events in different ways in their local churches or as individuals as many of the programs will be livestreamed. 

“Heritage Month allows us to delve into and connect with our story—with daily devotionals, events and programs each weekend which all link to our heritage,” said David Jones, Adventist Heritage director.

On the first Sabbath in October there will be a picnic for church members on the grounds of Sunnyside, Ellen White’s former home in Cooranbong, NSW, however those who are not locals are being encouraged to join their church family and friends for a picnic, wherever they are. 

On October 14, Wahroonga church will host the 125th anniversary of Adventist Record, as the publication’s rich history of reporting on mission will be celebrated and the publication rededicated. 

The weekend of October 20 and 21 will be The Great Appointment 2.0 with an event at Avondale University, a Sunnyside Singalong on the Friday night, and the launch of a new Pathfinder honour. 

On the final Sunday of October, the second instalment of the Ellen White Symposium will be streamed online, featuring a number of high-quality presentations on how Ellen White relates to contemporary Adventism. 

The daily devotional and other parts of the month have been worked on as a joint effort between Adventist Heritage, Adventist Record and the SPD’s ministry and strategy team. 

“You may be wondering what Adventist heritage has to do with vision and strategy in ministry,” said Sven Östring, the SPD director of Ministry and Strategy. “Remember what Ellen White herself said: We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history. As you dive deep into the faith journey of your family, the lives of other people around the Pacific, and in the history of our Adventist Church, you will find fascinating and encouraging stories. These stories will motivate and inspire you to courageously step out with Jesus on His mission and become actively involved in His thriving disciple-making movement.”

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