NNSW constituency meeting: New president appointed

Pastor Cristian Copaceanu has been appointed the new NNSW president.

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The North New South Wales Conference (NNSW) held its 59th constituency meeting this Sunday, where 410 delegates gathered at Yarra Holiday Park (Stuarts Point Convention Centre) to elect a new president and department directors.

Pastor Cristian Copaceanu, who has been serving as president of the South NSW Conference since 2019, will begin his new role as conference president this Monday. He replaces Pastor Adrian Raethel who is planning to stay in NNSW as a local church pastor.

“Cristian is an innovative, intellectual theologian who has a very strong sense of business,” said Australian Union Conference (AUC) president Pastor Terry Johnson. “He’s missional, he listens well, he’s a great supporter of pastors and the teaching, educational sphere. I believe he will do incredibly well as the president of the NNSW conference.

“I am sad to see Pastor Adrian go, who is a friend, a colleague and who I think has done a good job as conference president for the last four years through a tumultuous time. We wish him well and we’re so glad that he has handled it with the dignity of a Christian gentleman,” Pastor Johnson added.

Pastor Copaceanu previously served as AUC Personal Ministries, Sabbath School and Stewardship director and also Faith FM manager. He currently resides in Canberra, ACT, with his wife Erika and daughters Katylin and Sienna.

“It is an honour to work with and for Jesus, and a privilege to be asked to do so with the committed and passionate team of members and employees in the NNSW Conference,” said Pastor Copaceanu. “We also want to express our deep gratitude to our South New South Wales church family who have made the last five years a truly memorable experience of mission and service.”

Re-elected officers Pastor Abel Iorgulescu and Russel Halliday will be resuming their respective roles as secretary and CFO.

Several non-incumbents have been appointed as departmental directors for the following quadriennial.

Pastor Travis Manners, who’s been serving as Mission and Strategy coordinator at the Greater Sydney Conference, has been appointed ministerial secretary with Danuta Stockwell, current ATSIM associate director, as the new associate ministerial secretary.

Erin Keegan, registered nurse and wellness coach at ELIA Lifestyle Medicine Centre at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, has been appointed the health ministries director.

Paul Fua, principal of Tweed Valley Adventist College, has been appointed director of education.

Na Shen, an accountant at the NNSW Schools company, has been appointed stewardship director.

Beryl Landers, a former women’s director of the Greater Sydney Conference, has been appointed women’s ministry director.

Reflecting on the meeting, Pastor Iorgulescu said, “The most encouraging thing about today was to see 410 delegates spending their Sunday at Stuarts Point making decisions for the future of the Church which tells me that they are committed to see the Church thrive, to see the mission continue and prosper. It was inspiring to see how many people have set this day aside to have their voice heard and to make a difference for the future.”

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