Book review: Updraft

Updraft by Sandra Finley Doran.

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by Sandra Finley Doran

“It was silly to worry about a piece of paper flying over the Atlantic on the edges of a storm.” It was highly unlikely that it would reach land, let alone be legible if it got there—and what were the chances of someone picking it up if it did manage to make it safely to shore? Almost impossible. Yet, Updraft by Sandra Finley Doran shows that nothing is impossible through the power of God.

Told from the perspective of many different characters, all with varying circumstances, we see protagonist Alice Jones transform from a worrier to a warrior. Through a series of unexpected circumstances, this true disciple of God helps to change the lives of many people, who are all brought together by a list of questions blowing in the wind.

Updraft would be a great read for teens and adults who are looking to grow their faith in God. Whether you have been Christian your whole life or are thinking of opening your heart to Jesus, this creative story is a ray of hope. The experiences of the various characters offer insights about different journeys to faith. Finley Doran covers heavier topics while remaining light-hearted. The characters in the story learn about Revelation’s three angels’ messages through a series of sermons, and their messages of honouring God, not being deceived by lies, and keeping the Sabbath touch their hearts and answer their questions about happiness, freedom and belief. In a neighbourly tone, Finley Doran enlightens readers about God’s modern-day miracles and gives us a glimpse into His loving heart.

As a high school student, my favourite part of this story was how it taught that we need to use both actions and words when spreading the message of God. Living like Jesus and sharing the Bible are both excellent. But what is one without the other? Updraft also helped me realise that God works in many surprising ways. Even if we aren’t entirely sure how things will work out, we can always place our worries on Him, and He can and will move mountains.

Updraft is available from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, or online.

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