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I remember getting our first television when growing up. It was a black and white beauty—advanced technology for the day. We enjoyed sitting around it as a family and watching shows like My Three Sons and McHale’s Navy

I also remember watching George Vandeman and listening to his distinctive line “It is Written . . .” These were the early days of Adventists in media and they made an impact, with many people hearing the Adventist message and joining the Church.

Today we benefit from these early media ministries, while there are new technologies which provide opportunity to reach more people. In June we launched the Sabbath Gift initiative in which we invited you, the church member, to create or share a short piece of media about the positive benefits of the Sabbath on your chosen social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). This has resulted in us reaching more than 1.24 million people and engaging with 30,000+.

Today our Church broadcasts on Hope Channel around the Division and on the Channel 7 (It Is Written, Lifestyle Magazine) and 10 networks (Authentic) in Australia. It operates radio on Faith FM in Australia, Hope FM across the Pacific and La Voix De L’esperanc in French Polynesia. And it runs a host of digital media ministries on social media platforms.

All of these ministries are making a significant impact in our communities and are providing many opportunities for you to share Jesus. However, for them to be successful we need every church to be involved, by sharing our media with friends and family and every Sabbath looking for visitors who come to your church in order to help them to “feel at home”.

In last year’s media evangelism offering, you supported the creation of a new series based on the Great Controversy now entitled The Remnant—faith under fire. This project is currently in script writing phase and you will hear more about a release date in 2024. The media offering on August 12 will support the establishment of broadcast media in the Cook Islands. 

Thank you for your continued support which makes these projects possible and which contributes in a significant way to the advance of God’s work.

Dr Bradley Kemp is the CEO of Adventist Media

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