Adventist pastor and his son finish second on reality show

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A Seventh-day Adventist pastor who featured on a reality show with his son, has come close to winning it all, coming second in the season finale last night (August 8).

Tharren Hutchinson, pastor of Narromine (NSW) Adventist church and chaplain at the local juvenile detention centre, joined the cast of Channel 10’s show Hunted with his son Jordan, a high school teacher from Melbourne, Vic.

The premise of the show is that pairs of contestants go on the run for 21 days while a team of former detectives and investigators try to track them down. The team that makes it to the extraction point at the end of 21 days wins $A100,000.  

The pair were “captured” just minutes from the extraction zone after a near perfect run, avoiding detection and living technology free for the 21-days.

According to 10 Play, the father-son duo felt the experience drew them closer, more than they expected.

“We’ve spent a lot of time apart since Jordan went off to university, so it was nice to see that we were still in sync when we put our minds to it,” Tharren said. “Helping people and giving all the time is really neat, but it’s also really good to receive help as well. So I think we were able to help each other.”

“[We] got to have an experience of a lifetime, meet and make so many friends that we’re going to have for a lifetime and, as father-son, moments to remember forever,” Jordan continued.

“Our faith is a big part of our journey and we believe day after day we were blessed and led to the right people, and had an incredible time.”

Travelling for the final 11 days with just a sleeping bag, a Bible and the clothes on their backs, the pair had to rely on the kindness of strangers.

“We got to meet so many amazing people, we got this time together and we soaked it up and milked it for everything it’s worth,” said Jordan. “We’re just so blessed that we got that. We’re smiling—and just that perspective of, you know what? We achieved it. We didn’t just achieve it—we killed it, and we did it together.”

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