President’s message to inmates

Pastor Andrew Opis presenting his message to the inmates and church members.

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Inmates sang and gave praise to God during a worship service held at the multi-church hall at Kerevat Correctional Services in Papua New Guinea on August 5.

More than 300 church members from Kabakada and Rarokos and 43 Adventist inmates attended the service, with the message presented by New Britain New Ireland Mission president Pastor Andrew Opis. It was his first visit to the prison complex since taking on the role of president in 2021 and he was accompanied by his wife and children.

Pastor Opis encouraged the inmates and the visiting church members to spend time reading and studying the Word of God for their spiritual life and growth.

“God’s word will keep us active and alive,” he said. “God’s word will help us change our direction as it was done to the Magi who followed the stars to go and worship the Baby Jesus, but the word of God told them to take another direction and they did not come back to King Herod.

“The word of God is able to guide, lead and help us to take a new direction to follow Jesus and therefore everybody must read their Bibles every day.”

Pastor Opis also promoted the 2024 “PNG for Christ” campaign, revealing that the New Britain New Ireland Mission will supply Bibles and godpods to the churches in the Mission, including Kerevat Correctional Services.  A guest speaker will be provided to the facility during the campaign.

Elder Otto Piri, who represented the inmates and the visiting church members, thanked the president for being so loving and passionate about the mission of the Church and his willingness to visit the facility.

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