Pedalling with purpose: 25000Spins riders raise thousands for ADRA

The route for the Kingscliff Classic event took riders through a variety of landscapes.

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The coastal town of Kingscliff (NSW) recently hosted a charity cycling event organised by 25000Spins—a group that has been managing cycling events since 2009, with a track record of raising more than $A7 million for charity. The three-day event, held from May 7 to 9, saw 45 riders cycling together, aiming to raise funds and awareness for those living in poverty.

Each day of the Kingscliff Classic began with a brief morning meeting. Riders were introduced to selected pieces of wisdom from Dr Darren Morton’s program “Live More: Happy”, which served to motivate and inspire them before their daily ride.

“Cyclists from diverse backgrounds participated in this event, brought together by their shared love for adventure and a commitment to contribute to a worthy cause,” said Craig Shipton, founder of 25000Spins. “Their combined efforts raised an impressive total of more than $A24,000—funds that will be primarily directed towards ADRA.”

The money raised will be used to assist communities affected by recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. Mr Shipton emphasised that this achievement demonstrated not just physical effort, but a strong sense of compassion and solidarity amongst the participants, providing meaningful support for ongoing relief efforts in these regions.

The route for the Kingscliff Classic event took riders through a variety of landscapes, from coastal roads to lush countryside and local towns. Challenges were met with enjoyment as participants pushed their physical limits while appreciating the local scenery.

“The incorporation of the ‘Live More: Happy’ program in our event added another layer to the riders’ experience,” said Mr Shipton. “Dr Darren Morton’s messages encouraged participants to embrace gratitude, appreciate simple moments and value the connections made during their adventure.”

For individuals seeking personal growth and the spirit of service along with the thrill of adventure, 25000Spins offers a range of cycling experiences. Future events promise unique challenges and experiences inspired by principles of faith and service.

“With 25000Spins, future adventurers can expect a range of cycling challenges that not only push their physical limits but also contribute positively to the world,” Mr Shipton concluded.

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