Reconnecting with our retirees with special needs

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“How will I get on this double cabin LandCruiser with my wheelchair?” Mary Kerry asked the two volunteers who came to escort her to church that Sabbath morning to celebrate World Pathfinder Day.

Though she was beautifully dressed in her Pathfinder uniform, she had some thoughts that troubled her mind.

“How will I get off this truck when I reach the church compound?” she added.

“We will assist you Mum,” replied the male volunteer.

“Oh okay . . . but will I be able to ride my wheelchair into the church entrance and the wash room?” Mrs Kerry demanded. “Yes Mum,” replied the female volunteer. “The church has constructed ramps at the church door entrance and at the wash room entrance for special people like you,” replied the two volunteers with much assurance.

“Oh, thank you very much,” replied Mrs Kerry, a retired primary school teacher who had served in both government and mission schools since 1983. She has served in the Pathfinder department in the local church as a Pathfinder counsellor, deputy director and director for more than 15 years.

Mrs Kerry asked some important questions that need to be considered in our churches today. Some of our retirees residing in our communities may be knocked down with non-communicable diseases or may be sitting in a wheelchair due to amputation of either foot. With their old age, poor health conditions and the special needs they have, it creates many difficulties for them that may stop them from being able to attend Sabbath worship services.

We can help our retirees with special needs by providing a lift on Sabbath mornings, building ramps at the church entrance and wash room for wheelchair users, train a Sabbath school teacher to gather them for their Bible study classes and inform church ushers to assist them upon their arrival and departure after church worship.

May God bless you as you share your act of kindness and support towards such people with special needs this and every coming Sabbath!

Christ Keleb is an intern minister serving in Vanuatu Mission.

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