Hamilton Adventist School celebrates two 100 milestones

Current and former principals.

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Hamilton Adventist School in New Zealand has recently celebrated two milestones: 100 students and 100 years of operation. Opened in 1920—but closed between 1932 and 1933— the school’s enrolment numbers have fluctuated throughout the years, averaging 60 students. This year’s substantial growth to 100 students is a first in the school’s history.

To celebrate the special achievements and dedicate the newly renovated structure, the school held a special program attended by past and current students, teachers, principals and parents. Some represented three generations who have been associated with the school.

Avondale University Vice Chancellor Dr Kevin Petrie—who was the longest-serving Principal of Hamilton School—was the main speaker at the celebration. Speaking of the conquering of Mount Everest and the breaking of the four-minute mile, he challenged those present, saying, “it is not until someone actually does it—ventures to do the seemingly impossible—that we see others soon follow and go even further.”

Also speaking at the event, current Hamilton school principal Shaun Hurlow praised God for the growth and development of the school, and New Zealand Adventist Education property manager Roger Marshall reminded those present that the focus of Adventist schools is supporting the learning and development of the children.

Recognising the support of so many in the school’s early history, the school board is looking forward to developing and expanding the program of the school, strengthening and empowering the service of Seventh-day Adventist Education into the Waikato community and beyond.

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