Teenagers grow spiritually at kayak expedition in the Whitsundays

Around 37 teens and staff were part of the expedition.

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Northern Australian Conference (NAC) teens spent a week kayaking through the Whitsundays, Queensland, and growing spiritually at the NAC Teen Ex held from September 25 to October 1. 

Around 37 teens and staff were part of the expedition, kayaking more than 40 kilometers to different campsites across four islands in the Whitsundays, including North Molle Island, Whitsunday Island, Henning Island and South Molle Island.

In addition to kayaking, the young attendees took part in hiking, snorkelling and fishing, always starting and finishing each day with worship.

The theme for the week was “Unsinkable Faith”and the teens were given evening messages from guest speaker Pastor Jeffrey Masengi, NAC secretary and CFO. Some of the messages included talking about the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 and how the teens need to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus to have unsinkable faith. 

At the end of the week, seven teens made the decision to dedicate themselves to God and start Bible studies with their local church pastor. 

Rayth Yasserie, a teen from Mackay, was one of them and explained his reason for making this decision, “The reason why I stood up last night is because I want to be a follower of God. I want Him to live in my life and direct me in the way He wants me to go.”

The expedition not only made an impact on the teens but also on the staff who attended. “My time on Teen Ex was a wonderful experience,” stated Pastor Masengi, “not only did I get to spend time in such a beautiful place, enjoying God’s stunning creation, but I was able to get to know each one of these teens and share the love of Jesus while spending time with them.”

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