Colourful parade of nations concludes General Conference session

Parade of nations at the end of the GC session.

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While the 2022 General Conference session was unlike any other—being the first hybrid session—it ended in the traditional way with the colourful parade of nations.

The Dome auditorium was buzzing with excitement and happiness as flags were proudly carried by the participants, many of whom were wearing the traditional dress of their home countries.

“I don’t know about you but I was excited to see all those flags and names of countries coming through. What a wonderful world-wide Adventist family we belong to,” said General Conference president Pastor Ted Wilson.

“Our mission is to take the gospel to every nation, tribe, tongue and people around this globe.

“My brothers and sisters, we need to pray earnestly for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit when God’s work will go like wildfire, Soon, yes, Jesus will come. That’s why you and I must become involved in God’s great mission.”

GC vice president Pastor Geoffrey Mbwana thanked the session management team for their dedication and hard work.

“GC session is a complex operation with many parts that call for careful coordination and planning. This is a result of many years of careful scrutiny to detail, a thorough review of logistics, including a sharp focus on proper management, for a successful session such as we have.”

The session ended with the final prayer of commitment followed by the hymn “We Have This Hope”.

“What a marvellous hope we have, hope in the coming of our Lord,” Pastor Wilson concluded. “Jesus is coming. Get involved. What a privilege it’s been to be together in St Louis. By God’s grace you will be leaving here tonight and going into the world to bring this message to everyone you meet.”

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