Wilson returned as GC president

Pastor Ted Wilson and his wife Nancy. (Credit: Adventist Review)

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General Conference president Pastor Ted Wilson has been re-elected to the role.

The nominating committee recommended just one name for consideration: that of Pastor Wilson. 1284 delegates voted in favour of the motion; 431 voted against.

In accepting the role, Pastor Wilson said, “It is indeed a very humbling experience to be requested to assist and guide God’s last-day remnant Church. It’s not something that a human being can do on his own; it’s only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“I’m very grateful that we started our morning and our session today with a very special emphasis on prayer and on the Holy Spirit and it is within that context that Nancy and I agree to continue to work this area and position in cooperation with all of you, for it’s only in total member involvement—church members, church officers, pastors—uniting and working together as the Spirit of Prophecy has indicated that God’s work will be finished.”

Since Pastor Wilson’s appointment, many other incumbents across the General Conference administration and departments have been returned to their roles, with Pastor Erton Kohler to serve again as secretary and Paul Douglas to serve as treasurer.

Secretariat: 98.1% approval, 1,647 total votes received

– Moise JF Hensley Moorooven, undersecretary (incumbent)

– Gerson Santos, associate secretary (incumbent)

– Claude Richli, associate secretary (incumbent)

– Gary Krause, associate secretary, Adventist Mission (incumbent)

– Elbert Kuhn, associate secretary, Adventist Volunteer Service (incumbent)

– Karen Porter, associate secretary, International Personnel Resources and Services (IPRS) (incumbent)

– Saw Samuel, associate secretary (previously president, Southern Asia-Pacific Division)

Treasury: 98.1% approval, 1,647 total votes received

– J Raymond Wahlen II, undertreasurer (incumbent)

– Timothy Hiroki Aka, associate treasurer, Investments (incumbent)

– George Egwakhe, associate treasurer (incumbent)

– German Lust, associate treasurer, IPRS (incumbent)

– Daisy Orion, associate treasurer (incumbent)

– Josue Pierre, associate treasurer (previously associate general counsel, GC)

– Richard Stephenson, associate treasurer, Tech Operations and Strategy (previously director, IT Services, NAD)

Departmental Directors: 83.7% approval, 1,566 total votes received

– Ivan Omana, director, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (previously associate director, ACM, GC)

– Williams Costa, director, Communication (incumbent)

– Orathai Chureson, director, Children’s Ministries (previously director, Adventist Children’s Ministries, Southern Asia-Pacific Division)

– Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, director, Education (incumbent)

– Wilbert Oliver, director, Family Ministries (incumbent)

– Elaine Oliver, associate director, Family Ministries (incumbent)

– Peter Landless, director, Health Ministries (incumbent)

– Ramon Canals, ministerial secretary, Ministerial Association (previously held: director, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, GC)

– Aurora Canals, associate secretary, Pastoral Spouses and Family (previously undertreasurer, Chesapeake Conference, NAD)

– Ganoune Diop, director, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (incumbent)

– Almir Marroni, director, Publishing Ministries (incumbent)

– James Howard, director, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries (previously associate director, SSPM, GC)

– Dennis Carlson, director, Planned Giving and Trust Services (incumbent)

– Marcos Faiock Bomfim, director, Stewardship Ministries (incumbent)

– Heather-Dawn Small, director, Women’s Ministries (incumbent)

– Busi Khumalo, director, Youth Ministries (previously director, Adventist Youth Ministries, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division)

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