TPUM ministerial interns and supervisors equipped at online training

TPUM president Pastor Maveni Kaufononga was one of the facilitators of the training.

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More than 60 ministerial interns and supervisors from seven missions across the Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) were equipped during an online internship training run from February 28 to March 2. The event focused on upskilling participants in their first and second years of internship.

TPUM associate ministerial secretary Pastor Linray Tutuo said it was a blessing to see interns eager to learn along with the contributions from their supervisors.

“I was blessed and learned many things,” said minister Chris Keleb, an intern from Vanuatu. “At times, we can get overwhelmed with ministry, and we do not take time off to relax and reconnect. I have learned that it is important to take time off, especially with our family,” he added.

With facilitators from the South Pacific Division, TPUM and local missions, the two and a half-day training included practical activities and interactions, fostering relationships between interns and supervisors.

Pastor Joape Naroba, a supervisor from Fiji, said that the initiative covered a wide range of topics that would boost supervisors’ and interns’ performances. “This training is so valuable and informative because we learn so many theories as well as skills that will uplift our performance this year and beyond,” he said.

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