AUC Executive finalises leadership appointments for next quinquennium

The AUC office in Ringwood (Vic).

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The Australian Union Conference (AUC) Executive Committee has finalised the appointments of the AUC leadership team, with all incumbent team members being appointed into roles within the Union for the coming term.

Pastor Lyndelle Peterson has been appointed to part time Associate Ministerial Secretary, with a special focus on Women in Pastoral Ministry, a role which was created at the AUC Executive Committee meeting in May. Pastor Peterson will also continue her role as Director of Sabbath School and Stewardship.

Pastor Nicu Dumbrava has accepted a call to Director of Personal Ministries and will split his time between the AUC and the Victorian Conference. Pastor Dumbrava is the current Director of Personal Ministries and Sabbath School at the Western Australian Conference and will transition into his new role later this month.

Women, Family and Children’s Ministries have changed from liaison roles to departmental directors, with the Executive Committee increasing the time allocation of these roles to 0.2 FTE (full time equivalent) allocation.

Pastor Sylvia Mendez has been appointed as Director of Women and Family Ministries (0.4 FTE) while Pastor Tony Knight will continue his role as Director of Resource Development and Children’s Ministries.

All other incumbents have been appointed to their previous positions as follows:

  • Ministerial Association Secretary—Pastor Brendan Pratt
  • Associate Ministerial Association Secretary and Education Chaplaincy—Pastor Murray Hunter (combined with Waymaker Media Ministry)
  • Director of ATSIM—Pastor Darren Garlett
  • Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty (0.2 FTE)—Pastor Michael Worker
  • Director of Trust Services (0.2 FTE)—Pastor Rodney Woods
  • Director of Youth Ministries—Pastor Jeff Parker
  • Director of Education—Dr Daryl Murdoch
  • Associate Director of Education, Quality Assurance—Dr Jean Carter
  • Associate Director of Education, Identity & Culture—Jacques Calais
  • Mamarapha principal—Pastor David Garrard
  • ADRA CEO—Denison Grellmann

Pastor John Beck has also accepted a call to be the new ATSIM Remote Area Senior Pastor, after the retirement of Pastor Don Fehlberg earlier this year.

Please keep the team at the AUC in your prayers as they work together to create a thriving disciple-making movement in Australia.

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