Evangelism in Tonga experiencing an abundant harvest

Some of the baptismal candidates.

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Thirty five people have been baptised into the Adventist church in Tonga, and the number is continuing to grow, thanks to local churches and colleges enthusiastically adopting the Tonga Mission’s harvesting vision.

Throughout July and early August, Beulah College hosted a two week evangelistic campaign ending in 20 baptisms on Sabbath, August 1, and Vaini Church also hosted a two week campaign, which resulted in the baptism of 15 people on Sabbath, August 8.

Other churches organised further outreach, with Vavau District church having begun their harvesting campaign on August 8, and Haapai District church and Popua Church beginning theirs individually on August 15. The church on Haafeva Island have also completed the first week of their harvesting program.

While baptisms are yet to result from these latter programs, director of evangelism for the Tonga Mission, Fanueli Mataele, remains optimistic. “Pastors and members are in action sharing the Good News! The church has been so overwhelmed with the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and the rest of the churches are geared to do harvesting until the end of the year,” he explained.

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