Fiji Mission to appeal Vatuvonu ruling

Fiji Mission headquarters.

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The much-debated legal case involving Vatuvonu Seventh-day Adventist College is set to go before the highest court in Fiji.

At a meeting of the Fiji Mission Executive Committee (EXCOM) on Monday night (June 14) four options were considered following the recent Court of Appeal judgement that overturned a High Court ruling pertaining to the appointment of state-funded teachers in faith-based schools.

“After assessing and weighing the presentations, considering the advice of our lawyers and the legal team, and with long deliberations and continuous prayers, the EXCOM decided to appeal the Court of Appeal ruling to the Supreme Court,” said Mission secretary Dr Ronald Stone and associate Mission secretary Pastor Epeli Saukuru in a statement released on June 15.

“For now, Vatuvonu will remain as an aided school until the process of appealing to the Supreme Court is completed.

“In the meantime, we ask that we take this matter to heart and pray over it. We are reminded to ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you shall find.”

The Vatuvonu case began in 2019 following Fiji Mission’s decision to privatise the school, which led to the government commencing legal proceedings in the High Court.


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