Branching out to support Fulton students

The Empty-Nesters during a recent breakfast meet-up at Castle Hill.

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A group of Sydney Adventists has been raising funds to help theology students attend Fulton Adventist University College in Fiji.

The “Empty-Nesters” was started by a group of Wahroonga church members whose children had “left the nest” and who wanted to catch up socially.

“First we were meeting at a restaurant spending money on ourselves, then we heard of the need overseas and we were convicted of a better stewardship model and chose to direct the funds away from ourselves and into these needy students,” said group member Sandra Weslake.

“Everyone brings a plate of food and we all enjoy ourselves while helping others. We have just as much fun and keep in contact at the same time.”

The group meets four times a year to raise money for third and fourth year theology students. The money pays for the students’ college fees. The students work to pay for their food and accommodation.

“Every year there is a need for funds to help these struggling students who would otherwise have no way of completing their studies,” Mrs Weslake said. “This project has been going on for about eight years now.”

In 2020, despite the challenges of COVID-19, the group managed to raise more than $A11,000, which helped three students attend Fulton.

“God has blessed this ministry over the years and the students at Fulton have had many answers to prayer because of it,” Mrs Weslake added.



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