Tasmania celebrates new conference office

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The Tasmanian Conference opened their new conference office at a special ceremony, attended by church members and employees, in Glenorchy on May 2.

Pastor Jorge Munoz, president of the Australian Union Conference, said a prayer of dedication for the new office at the opening ceremony, where they also spoke about the history of the Church, the importance of having a conference and their role in the church system.

“It is fantastic to see the Tasmanian Conference move into a new office,” stated Pastor Munoz, “this will give them the opportunity to expand their ministry and help achieve their mission of spreading the word of God to their communities.”

The new office includes a radio and video recording studio, which has allowed Faith FM to launch a locally produced show across Australia on weekday mornings and will give the conference the ability to develop resources.

The office also doubles as a centre of influence which will strengthen how they serve the local community.

“We have the ability to close off the office section of the building while people have access to the kitchen, bathroom and seminar room facilities,” explained Pastor Gary Webster, president of the Tasmanian Conference, “then we can run outreach programs such as cooking and stress seminars for the community around us.”

The conference purchased the land in 2018 and commenced building last year, aiming to enhance their support to churches within their conference and to improve their presence within Tasmania.

“We want to see the spirit continue to work in our conference and having these new facilities will make it easier to reach more people and have an impact as we do God’s will,” said Pastor Webster.

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