Creative Corner: Aaron Bejan

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As a full-time student and the owner of a new Christian clothing brand, Aaron Zack Bejan has been wearing multiple hats, and lots of great clothes too.

Born from a realisation he had at university one day, Aaron created Fishers of Men Apparel (FOMA) with the intention of sharing his faith and exploring topics that other Christian clothing brands don’t often address.

“I was waiting for class to start at university, and I was wearing a T-shirt from my youth group back in high school. Every time I wore this T-shirt, I felt more confident in my faith to spark conversation with friends about biblical ideas. I realised how powerful what we wear can be, how it is an extension of our inner self.”

Combining modern design with biblical meaning, Aaron says his creative process involves lots of late-night inspiration, brainstorming ideas and drawing designs with his ever-improving Adobe Illustrator skills. “I’ve even printed some of my products in my very own garage,” he explains.

For Aaron, sharing the gospel goes beyond simply creating designs. Having recently moved from Melbourne (Vic) to Port Macquarie (NSW), Aaron says he visits Melbourne throughout the year to spread the work of FOMA. He also includes a free Bible card with each purchased item to explain the meaning behind the design, and a message for the buyer to share with someone who perhaps doesn’t know Jesus.

“That way, those who wear our clothing can inspire others both by wearing a display of their faith but also directly sharing a message that is accessible to those unfamiliar with the faith,” he says.

While sharing the gospel is the goal, Aaron says the process of designing and running a business has been a leap of faith that has profoundly impacted his walk with God.

“I love the creative freedom I get with designing. The Bible is full of creative ideas, full of stories that are meant to be seen, as well as read. Designing the items and writing the messages behind them really pushes me to consider my own relationship with God. The process of choosing a story or idea then trying to condense the whole story and meaning into an artwork makes me understand the Bible in a different way.”

Currently, Aaron and his team—including co-founder Eunice Lui, and sister Daria and brother Joshua who help with design, marketing and photography—are preparing to launch FOMA’s second collection, all while designing their third collection.

“We also plan to release a Christmas-themed collection at the end of the year,” Aaron adds, “so we’ll be back to the drawing board for inspiration and direction from God! I would not be able to last a day of running FOMA without God.”

Aaron attends Wauchope church (NSW) and the Romanian Adventist Church when in Melbourne.

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