Adventist young people in the spotlight for PNG Independence Day celebrations

Marching to Riwo village.

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Youth, Ambassadors, Pathfinders and Adventurers (YAPA) marched from Riwo Seventh-day Adventist Church to Riwo village as part of Papua New Guinea’s 45th Independence Day celebrations on September 16.

Onlookers were impressed by the marching style of the young people who were led by Reuben Micah. After their arrival in Riwo village, they participated in a flag-raising ceremony.

Most of the young people attend Riwo Adventist Primary School and are from other faith backgrounds.

PNG Independence Day celebrations in Riwo village.

Madang Manus Mission president Pastor Garry Laukei presented the devotion, telling the crowds that their spiritual independence can only truly be found in Jesus. “Jesus died to deliver us from the power of sin to give us our independence so that we are no longer a slave to sin but are under the leadership of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Eric Kuman, an elder from Kiunga, said the marching with YAPA uniforms created a positive impact on children in the village. Elder Ben Baleng, from Riwo Adventist Church, commented that such a program had never been permitted previously, and it was good that the community could appreciate the Adventist presence.

Pastor Laukei said he is pleased to see the support of YAPA by church leaders, members of Riwo Adventist church and teachers from Riwo Adventist Primary School.

“Witnessing is about going out to the community making a difference,” he said.

Flag-raising ceremony in Riwo village.
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