Evangelism training equips church members with 2020 vision

Pastor Gary Webster presents during Harvest 2020 in Perth.

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More than 100 enthusiastic people from 12 Seventh-day Adventist churches around Perth attended an evangelistic training afternoon held at Victoria Park church on Sabbath, August 10.

The event was part of the Western Australian Conference’s “Harvest 2020” initiative. Pastor Nicu Dumbrava, director of Church Planting and Personal Ministries for Western Australia, shared with participants how this new conference initiative can provide a balanced and practical agricultural model of outreach, as modelled by Jesus in Mark 4:1-32.

During the program, church members shared how they are practically “sowing the seed” in their own communities in preparation for the harvest next year. Attendees also spent time praying that the Lord will “send more workers into His fields”.

Tasmanian Conference president Pastor Gary Webster, a special guest at the event, outlined the rationale and importance of public preaching as the key to a successful evangelistic campaign.

“I was very impressed with the interest and enthusiasm shown by the teams from various churches in working toward Harvest 2020,” said Pastor Webster. “The training program to help prepare for next year’s meetings in July was very well attended.” [pullquote]

The evangelistic series entitled “Ancient Mysteries Reveals the Future” was emphasised as an important tool for outreach during the meeting but construed as just one part of a much bigger cycle of evangelism. 

“[Ancient Mysteries is not a] ‘magic evangelistic pill’; the purpose of the Adventist Church is to make disciples by following the methods of Jesus himself, who not only helped people in practical ways—especially through His health and healing ministry—but who also taught and preached the gospel prophetically, both publicly and one to one,” said Pastor Webster.

Pastor Webster shared practical strategies for running a successful evangelistic campaign in places around Perth for the 2020 Harvest initiative.

Pastor Don Fehlberg, remote area coordinator for the Australian Union Conference, expressed his appreciation for Pastor Webster’s practical approach and his enthusiasm for soul-winning.

“Pastor Webster reminded us that as Seventh-day Adventists, we have been raised up to share the end time message of the three angels of Revelation 14,” said Pastor Fehlberg. “It was great to see the excitement of a large number of church members who were in attendance. I am very privileged to be part of an evangelistic thrust in Perth and to see more people make the decision to follow Jesus.”

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