Pathfinders introduced into Vanuatu schools

Pastor Andric Tanghwa.

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Three Adventist schools in Vanuatu have taken a different approach to learning, offering Pathfinder activities as part of their curriculum.

Malekula Adventist Junior Secondary School, Enekis Adventist Primary and Sise Adventist Primary have all introduced the Pathfinder program into their schools in the past year, with excellent results.

A 2018 report from Enekis, on the island of Tanna, showed that 181 of the 211 students enrolled in Pathfinder classes were from other faith backgrounds. Sise Adventist Primary, the only Adventist school on the island of Paama, currently has 70 students enrolled, with music classes one of the most popular Pathfinder activities.

Introducing Pathfinders into the schools has had a lot of positive feedback from students and parents.

“Teaching Pathfinder principles is more effective in schools because teachers know their students best, and schools are where we build church leadership,” said Pastor Andric Tanghwa, Vanuatu Mission youth director.

“We want Adventist education to be different, and offering Pathfinder lessons in schools makes this difference,” said Gilrick Joshua, Vanuatu Mission education director. “It makes Adventist education unique.”

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