GC nutrition experts visit Tassie

General Conference Nutrition Council meeting attendees.

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The General Conference Nutrition Council (GCNC) had its annual meeting in Tasmania on March 12–17.

During the first four days, the nutritional experts—many from the United States, Latin America and Europe—reviewed papers in preparation for publication of various Nutritional Fact Sheets. They also listened to presentations by invited experts on current nutritional issues.

A unique aspect of the meeting this year was the collaboration with Tasmania Conference to engage in community outreach.

The GCNC members were divided in three groups and spread across Tasmania to preach on Sabbath in various churches, and also participate in Sunday health expos aimed at reaching the community. The GCNC guests worked together with local church members to provide health screenings, lifestyle advice, food demonstrations and specific presentations covering topics on health and nutrition.

“I was very impressed,” said South Pacific Division health spokesperson, Dr Chester Kuma, one of the guest presenters. “I commend the GCNC team for being able to provide credible and scientifically validated information on nutrition that the church desperately needs today.”

Pastor Cosmin Dan-Marica, Conference CFO and pastor of the Glenorchy church, organised the health expo in Hobart together with volunteers from local churches.

“This was the most successful health expo we have had so far, with great response from the community,” said Pastor Dan-Marica. “We have a plan to follow up with each one and meet their identified health needs.”

Most attendees came from the community asking questions about being healthy and were interested in making lifestyle changes. Many took home free literature and asked to have prayer before leaving.

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