Getting ready for the harvest

Beverly Maega (third from right) with some of the Solomons women at congress.

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From Samoa to Fiji, Vanuatu to Tonga, Solomons to Niue, Adventist women around the Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) are gearing up to immerse the Pacific with the love of Jesus.

Inspired by what they have learned at the 2019 TPUM Women’s Congress, they are planning to run small groups, evangelistic campaigns and other discipleship activities.

Women in Solomon Islands have adopted the motto “Take a step and reach one”—in other words step out and reach another woman for Jesus.

“I believe our women will be on fire,” said Solomon Islands Women’s Ministries director Beverly Maega.

“Women all have special gifts [and] by using their special gifts they can minister to those who need them.”

Solomon Islands has one of the largest groups at congress: 132 attendees. “They are enjoying it,” Mrs Maega said. “When they come here they see their lives transformed by Jesus so they are able to do God’s work.

“Coming here will empower us to go back and do it on our own. I believe our baptisms will be more than what happened last year.”

Friendship evangelism is one of the methods they will use to reach women in their community. “Women are good at talking and making friends,” Mrs Maega said. “Men say women are good at gossiping. What we want to do is turn that around into a positive: use that gossiping to talk about Jesus.”

July is harvest month for the TPUM when the fruits of the evangelistic campaigns and discipleship activities will be seen. Last year more than 6000 people were baptised and they are hoping that the number will be even higher this year.

Salote Albert (left) and Jasiliva Nairogosei.

Fijian mums Salote Albert and Jasiliva Nairogosei have found the training and resources from congress useful to guide their discipleship activities.

“The worships in the morning and in the evenings have been very inspiring and the speakers are very good,” said Mrs Albert, who lives on the island of Rotuma. “They have really helped us and uplifted our spiritual lives so we may be able to go out and disciple somebody else.”

“I have just been blessed to be able to be at congress,” said Mrs Nairogosei, who lives on the island of Kadavu. “I love the messages being shared by the speakers. It challenges me to go out and reach out to other women.”

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