Schools benefit from hosting church activities

Attendees at the district youth camp meeting at Konkua Adventist Primary School.

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An initiative to bring church members onto school campuses in Papua New Guinea is having a positive impact on the schools.

Jim Yawane, national director for Adventist Education for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea, said they were encouraging church programs and activities to be held on school campuses. By bringing church members into the school, they can learn about it and see the needs that it may have.

“They know that the school is an Adventist school but they don’t often get to see the school and feel part of the school,” Mr Yawane said.

“[This initiative] worked very well in Kambubu [Adventist Secondary School] where a women’s ministries program was conducted. The church members who came saw the need and they were able to set aside a few kinas to assist in some maintenance work.”

Recently, a district youth camp meeting was held at Konkua Adventist Primary School, attended by about 450 youth.

“The district youth have decided they will adopt the school for this year and that simply means that they will be available and if the school needs anything, like doing cleaning up and just any odd jobs that are around the school, they [the youth] will be able to assist, and even [do some] fundraising,” Mr Yawane said.

“[This initiative] encourages the youth and the church members and the school, just helping them to grow spiritually and to do things together.”

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