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While disasters vary, the impact is often the same: shattered lives, a shortage of crucial resources like food, water and shelter, and hopelessness.

This past year, ADRA has responded to hundreds of disasters worldwide. In amongst the heartache and destruction, people are finding hope in the dependable help that you enable ADRA to provide.

Indonesian tsunami

Everyday life for Dewi, her husband Abyasa and their two children changed in the blink of an eye on September 28, 2018.

Dewi was with Abyasa and their youngest child, Budi, when the Indonesian tsunami hit, wiping out their village. There was no outrunning the wave. Budi was ripped from Dewi’s arms by the waves, and Dewi was dragged into oblivion.

Hours later, Dewi awoke, bruised, broken and alone. She waited days to be reunited with the rest of her family but, to this day, Budi has not been found.

Dewi’s family are currently living in a resettlement camp, with shelter and clean water provided by ADRA. Yet, in the midst of despair, they are hopeful. “We have hope that comes from the help of others,” Dewi says.

Australian drought

When the drought spread across Australia, Anna struggled to keep her farm going. Her farm didn’t qualify for assistance programs because it had not been operating as a viable farming business for two or more years. She says the assistance she received from ADRA when no government programs could help, put her mind at ease.

“We were all so encouraged after receiving the drought assistance,” she says. “It really lifted our spirits. As much as the financial aspect helped, the compassion and understanding from ADRA staff has been a real blessing.”

Australian bushfires

One after the other, disasters impacted Glenn’s life at the end of 2018 relentlessly. After months struggling through severe drought, his livelihood was then subjected to the threat of bushfires.

“Having just been through the drought where we were buying feed for our animals to now having what feed was on the ground burnt out, our resources have been pretty well spent,” Glenn says.

Firefighters and locals worked tirelessly to battle the flames, but exhaustion quickly set in. It was then that the community received greatly-needed resources supplied by ADRA.

“There was an immense sense of gratitude and tears of thankfulness,” Glenn says. “Thank you for your support and may the Lord continue to use ADRA to help in times of crises.”

“In times of disasters, it is our goal to be always ready and always there for people in need,” says ADRA Australia CEO Paul Rubessa. “An immediate response is made possible only through existing disaster funds that ADRA can use straight away when a disaster strikes.

“I am inspired and humbled by the generosity of ADRA supporters who ensure vital disaster funds are always available to help those most in need.”

The Disaster and Famine Relief Offering on February 16 helps to ensure ADRA can replenish and maintain the funding needed when crises strike. Your donation to this offering will help to restore hope for those most in need.

Ashley Stanton is Media and Communications coordinator for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia.

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