Adventists busy helping Townsville flood victims

Nathan Burke and local Adventist SES worker James Steed.

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As the clean-up begins in Townsville (Qld), Adventist volunteers are doing what they can to help the flood victims.

Following days of torrential rain, the weather has eased and people are now beginning to return to their homes and businesses. Hundreds of homes have suffered severe flood damage, including 252 that are uninhabitable.

Aitkenvale Seventh-day Adventist Church youth leader Nathan Burke has been busy coordinating teams of church members who have been volunteering under the banner of ADRA. The volunteers have been helping with filling sandbags and distributing them to those who need them, as well as collecting donations of food and clothing to help families in evacuation centres. They have also provided food to SES workers and other emergency services personnel.

“It has been great for us to rock up to people’s houses who need [the sandbags] and for them to find out that people actually are there to help them if they can’t go and get the sandbags themselves,” Mr Burke said.

“It’s been hard times but really great that people have been able to get behind it and help people.”

Conference president Pastor Darren Slade (centre) assisting the sandbagging efforts.

Mr Burke said the disaster has helped the community learn more about ADRA and the Adventist Church.

“Being the hands and feet of Jesus, that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

“It’s been great that people have been able to understand who ADRA is. While it’s been a really horrible time the amount of donations and support from the community has been overwhelming.”

Today and tomorrow, Townsville ADRA Op Shop is offering free clothing and goods to those who have suffered loss as a result of the flooding.

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