My Ministry: Aus Table Talk

Nathanael, David and Matthew from Aus Table Talk.

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The moral of the story is . . . you never know where Sabbath School conversations might lead to.

A group of young men at Hinkler Seventh-day Adventist Church (Queensland) were enjoying a lively discussion when one of them commented, “We should be recording some of these conversations.”

Luke Farrugia and David Brown were already fans of Table Talk, a series run by Light Bearers Ministry, which involved four men at a table discussing spiritual matters using nothing but their Bibles and their brains. They both thought it would be cool to do something similar but didn’t think it was achievable until now. Matt’s comment was the catalyst they needed to start planning. Bringing in Mathew Wills and Ben Ludlow, and finally Nathanael Tregenza, the Aus Table Talk podcast was born.

Aus Table Talk presenting at Digital Discipleship Conference.

The group began by discussing the interconnectivity of the 28 Fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (about an hour each). As they progressed they have now started doing shorter conversations called Truth Nuggets, covering topics such as “liberals versus conservatives” and “domestic violence.”

Nathanael Tregenza.

“What sets us apart is we’re five average guys with full-time jobs still working out life,” said Nathanael. “But talking about these topics is helping us grow in faith. There’s a huge benefit to having a podcast—we’re able to discuss vital topics that we’re passionate about, witness to other people and learn about other people’s perspectives.”

“We’re showing people that [discussing theology] is not just formal,” David said. “We believe that truth is beautiful and we want to communicate it in a way that’s accessible and relevant.”

You can listen to the podcast via their website, can also be found on all podcast apps and they upload a new episode every Tuesday.

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