Book Review: No Experience Necessary

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No Experience Necessary: Fulfilling the Gospel Commission is Easier Than You Think
Karl Haffner

Karl Haffner begins No Experience Necessary with a confession many of us can identify with: that even as a pastor, evangelism seems to rank at the bottom of any list of his spiritual gifts and, “Yup, I’ve carried a lot of guilt over this”. But he is also quick to point out that God never intended “to relegate evangelism to a few professionals who own pricey projectors”.

No Experience Necessary goes on to address some of the common objections and discomforts surrounding evangelism, then examines four case studies of biblical evangelists demonstrating the variety of people and methods God can use in His mission (spoiler: “God can use me, and you, and every evangelistic misfit out there to carry out His mandate”). And the book rounds out by exploring a selection of Jesus’ kingdom parables that again show the various and inclusive ways in which His kingdom works in our world and in people’s lives.

Haffner urges that a broader understanding of evangelism—allowing God and His love to work through us—means that we can all find a place in the mission of God, using who we are with our skills, interests and resources to connect others with God and His love for them. His study is particularly effective in bringing the topic back to biblical examples and models. At the end of each short chapter, there is a page of questions that would work well for small-group discussion or personal reflection and application.

No Experience Necessary employs Haffner’s light and engaging style of communicating to explore a sometimes heavy and guilt-inducing topic with fresh energy and inspiration. The simplicity in his approach reminds us that evangelism as it should be is necessary, possible and even natural. And while it might not always be easy, it will be joyful and ultimately rewarding.

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