On a mission to share the love of Jesus

Albert Nane (front) with the 17 people he has brought to Jesus.

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Albert Nane has brought 17 people to know Jesus and he intends to bring a further 50 people into the family of God before the end of the year.

Mr Nane is from Tari in Hela Province, Papua New Guinea, but is a permanent resident of Madang Province. He was baptised in 2016 during an evangelistic campaign and since then has enthusiastically shared the love of Jesus with others. As a result, 17 people are planning to get baptised into the Seventh-day Adventist Church next year.

Madang Manus Mission president Gary Laukei recently prayed with the group, asking God to be with them in their decisions for Jesus.

“[Albert] loves to visit people and help them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour,” Pastor Laukei said.

“He uses any method to reach people. Albert is visiting all his 17 interests and prays with them every afternoon from 4pm to 11pm and returns to his house for rest at midnight.

“Only those who see themselves as disciples will do great work for Jesus like what Albert has done.”

One family made a commitment to follow Jesus after Mr Nane built a house for them.

“I asked where he got his money to build the house,” Pastor Laukei said. “He replied, ‘I have sold biscuits on the roadside for some years and then [I] built a small canteen and sold my goods and used the money to build the house for the needy.'”

In another act of kindness, Mr Nane prayed for a woman with tuberculosis and HIV, who could no longer be helped by the local hospital.

“My prayer made a difference in her life and this woman’s health has improved and [she and] her family [have] decided to join the Church and are worshipping with us now,” he told Pastor Laukei.

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