The Ten: Sabbath activities everyone can enjoy

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1. Ask for prayer requests

Post on your favoured social media platform or send a personalised message to a family member, friend or colleague—Christian or not—and ask if there is anything you can pray over for them. It’s a great way to connect with those around you—you may be surprised at who is open.

2. Try 77 questions

Pick a very specific object. The object must be in a Bible story, mentioned or not, or found in God’s creation and it must be an item that everyone would have heard of. For example, it could be the lock on John the Baptist’s jail cell—it’s not mentioned specifically but you assume it would be there. Then, everyone must only ask Yes or No questions to try to figure out what you’ve chosen. You’ll be surprised what people can guess entirely from yes or no questions.

3. Go geocaching

Go out geocaching in God’s creation with your family and friends. This worldwide treasure hunt will lead you to amazing places and facilitate comradery while you get out and about with family and friends. See

4. Colour a detailed colouring book

There are many beautiful and detailed “grown up” colouring books available—of nature and even Bible themes. Perfect for a relaxing Sabbath afternoon with some good music playing and chatting with friends.

5. List your top 10

Compile your very own “The Ten” from different nature or biblical categories. Try listing others’ top choices and see how many you get right. Categories can include fruits, vegetables, birds, mammals, sea creatures, trees, flowers, instruments, hymns, national parks, Bible books or stories, Bible verses, Jesus’ miracles . . . More? List EVERY created plant and animal you can think of . . . More?? See how many you can take a photo of and catalogue!

6. Re-look at your family pictures/videos

If you haven’t for some time, have a look at your old family photos and videos together, telling the stories around each scene. Maybe your kids have never seen them. If there are people in them who you haven’t seen for a long time, make contact with them and arrange to catch up.

7. Create a Bible scene

Either via painting, drawing, sculpture, Lego, animation, drama, poetry, song, diary entry, shadows picture, origami, veggie platter, etc, make a scene from the Bible.

8. SOAP (Study a Bible text)

Study a Bible text or passage using SOAP. Read a verse or passage and then:
S (Subjective)—write how it makes you feel.
O (Objective)—write something factual.
A (Apply)—write how you could apply the verse to your life.
P (Pray)—write a prayer to God based on the verse.

9. Visit your neighbours

Got a fruit tree, vegetable garden or flowers in your yard? Select some and deliver them to your neighbours. Offer to help with something. Plan some news to share while you’re there, like what you enjoyed/did at church that morning, and have some questions to ask them to spark further conversation to help build the friendship. Alternatively, call or visit a person who lives on their own or has been unwell.

10. Connect with the homeless

Put some meals together or prepare a backpack with simple comforts, and hand them out to some homeless in your city. Then spend some time with them. Ask them about their story, their dreams, their fears. Pray for them before you leave, as well as before and after you visit them.

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