Fruitful way to thank the police

Pastor Luke Nathan thanks WHP Police commander Jacob Kamiak.

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Members of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Tambul Nebilyer District put a smile on the faces of the hard-working police of Western Highlands Province (WHP), Papua New Guinea, on Sunday, June 4.

The church members brought in truckloads of food to give to the police as a way of showing appreciation for the work that they do and to share Jesus with them.

Adventist Community Service (ACS) president Lawrence Lorenga, said, “We used to visit prison and hospital and help out randomly, however, this time we have decided to touch the hearts of the police and appreciate them with the love of Jesus through the food that God blesses us with.”

WHP Police commander Jacob Kamiak thanked the church members for the abundance of blessings shared. “We wish to strengthen our working relationship with the Church and the community,” he said. “We all base our laws and morality on one Book and it is the Bible. Therefore, we will continue to work in partnership to curb problems and make Western Highlands Province a better place for everyone.”

He said the quantity of the food was the biggest they had ever received from any organisation.

Police throughout the Western Highlands Province were fed, even down to Baiyer and Tambul Nebilyer police stations.

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